Lux2940 Pre-Procedure Preparation

    • Please avoid taking aspirin for at least 10 days prior to the procedure.


    • Please discontinue the use of exfoliating creams and other exfoliating agents two weeks prior to, and during treatment.


    • Antiviral prophylaxis against cutaneous herpes simplex virus infection is recommended beginning 24 hours before the procedure if Lux2940 resurfacing is to be done near the mouth.  If prescribed, continue this medication as indicated.


    • Please avoid wearing lotion or makeup on the day of the procedure.  The skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed and free of lotions, make-up, or oils before being treatment.


    • For two to three weeks prior to treatment, please avoid sun exposure and tanning bed.


  • Starting 3 weeks before the procedure, please use a high-quality sunblock, available for purchase at the Center for Facial Aesthetic Surgery.
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